Advanced Polling FAQs



  • Can I apply to vote in the Advanced Poll if I am not an overseas or special voter?

    No. You must be either an overseas voter or a special voter to apply. Learn more about
    overseas and special voter categories. Military officers are not required to apply.

  • Can I apply if I am not on the current voter register?

    No. You must be registered on the current voter registration list to apply.

  • Where should I submit my Advanced Poll Application?


  • Can I apply if I want to change my name or transfer my address?

    No. Advanced Poll registration and voting is only available to persons seeking to vote on the
    advanced poll as an overseas voter or special voter.

  • Which documents are necessary to submit during the application process?

    The lists of documents shown below are necessary to submit along with Overseas Voter and
    Special Voter applications as applicable.
    Overseas Voters – Form J
    ● Proof of employment or job letter
    ● Copy of transcript and or a letter from college or university
    ● Student visa for students studying abroad
    Special Voters – Form K
    ● Letter from medical provider
    ● Disability certificate or letter for persons with disabilities
    ● Paid travel itinerary showing proof of payment for persons who are travelling on the
    election date


  • Can I apply more than once?

    No. You are only able to submit your application one time.

  • Is there a deadline to apply?

    Yes. Form J for Overseas Voters must be submitted by 11:59pm on 27 August, 2021.
    Form K for Special Voters must be submitted by 11:59pm on 4 September, 2021.

  • If I miss voting on the advanced poll date, will I be able to vote in the general election?

    If you are a Special Voter and currently in The Bahamas you may vote in the general election.
    If you are an Overseas Voter you will not be allowed to vote in the general election.


  • Am I able to withdraw my application on MyGateway after it has been submitted?

    Yes. To withdraw your application, go to your application on the MyGateway portal and select
    ‘Actions’ and choose the ‘Withdraw’ option.



  • After I have submitted my application, how long will it Until when can I withdraw the application?

    Overseas Voters submitting Form J may withdraw applications until 11:59pm on 26 August,
    2021. Special Voters submitting Form K may withdraw applications until 11:59pm on 3
    September, 2021.




2021 General Election Poll Projection Results 
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