In accordance with section 49C of the Parliamentary Elections Act (Chapter 7), a person who is a
registered voter, may subject to application, vote as a Special Voter where:

  1. The person is or is likely to be, on the day appointed for the taking of the poll, a patient in
    the hospital, nursing home, home for the aged or other institution for the treatment of any
    chronic illness or disability, except a person suffering from any mental disorder,
    psychopathic disorder or any subnormality of the mind, as defined by the Mental Health
    Act (Ch. 230), and such person is likely to be prevented by such illness, infirmity or
    disability from traveling to the polling place;
  2. the person is by reason of illness, infirmity, pregnancy or recent childbirth unable to vote in
    the constituency in which he or she is registered on the day appointed for the taking of the
  3. the person, not being a person who qualifies to enroll as an overseas voter under section
    49A, expects to be overseas on the day appointed for the taking of the poll;
  4. the person is a candidate or the spouse of a candidate contesting the respective election;
  5. the person is an election day worker, an election official or an employee of the Department
    of the Parliamentary Commissioner.

A person who, meeting the criteria above, wishes to vote as a special voter shall apply in writing
in Form K to the Parliamentary Commissioner for a special voter certificate, no later than
Saturday, 29th April, 2017 to vote at the Advanced Poll on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017.

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