What is PRD?

The Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD) is the electoral management body of The Bahamas. It is an independent, non-partisan, neutral constitutional body.

Know Your Candidate

A detailed listing of the candidates and their constituencies for the 2017 National General Election.

Advance Polling

In accordance with section 49C of the Parliamentary Elections Act (Chapter 7), a person who is a registered voter may subject to application, vote as a Special Voter.

Public Notice

The public is advised that officers from the Parliamentary Registration Department will be conducting a survey in parts of the Freetown Constituency and the St. Anne’s Constituency on the 29th May 2021, to confirm the accuracy of the Voter Register in accordance with section 16 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 1992. This Bill principally amended the Parliamentary Elections Act, to bring into being the ‘Permanent (Continuous) Register’ of Voters. This means that the legal requirement of creating a new register every five (5) years is no more. Five-year registration periods and resulting Five-year registers have been replaced by this ‘Permanent (Continuous) Register’ of Voters. This ‘Permanent (Continuous) Register’ will be used for the 2022 General Election and Local Government Elections. The 2017 Voters Register will form the basis of this ‘Permanent (Continuous) Register’ It is important to note that Voters currently registered for the 2017 General Election remain duly registered until officially removed by the Parliamentary Commissioner. Eligible Bahamian Citizens registering for the first time will be added to this ‘Permanent (Continuous) Register’ of Voters. Registered Voters who have moved to another location, an address different to that listed on the face of their Voter’s Card for a period greater than ninety (90) days, are required to visit a registration centre to ‘transfer officially’, as soon as practicable. A major advantage of this move to the ‘Permanent (Continuous) Register’ is that no mass mobilization of registrants is expected as was experienced in years past. First-time Registrations and required changes to Voter records will continue as before in a ‘single client environment.’ This message was brought to you by the Parliamentary Registration Department, Bahamas Information Services, and this broadcasting station.