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Lost Or Stolen

A lost or stolen voter’s card for the Current Register can be replaced for a registered voter. However, the applicant must report the lost or stolen card to the police and produce an original police report to the Revising Officer to have the card replaced.


Damaged Voter's Card

A damaged voter’s card for the Current Register can also be replaced for a voter. The voter must produce proof that the voter’s card has been damaged where possible.

  • FIRE
  • RAIN

Unnumbered Replacement Card

An unnumbered or replacement voter’s card is used to replace a lost, stolen or damaged voter’s card. Handwrite in RED INK the original number assigned to the voter in the top right corner of the card where the original number would be found. Place the words “REPLACEMENT CARD ISSUE” at the top of page1 or the front of the voter’s card using RED INK and the assigned rubber stamp.

Place the original voter’s information on the voter’s card. The date of registration on page 1 of the Voter’s Card should be the date when replaced. The original date of registration remains the same on page 2 of the voter’s car


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