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An applicant applying to register to vote must prove.

  1. That he/she is a citizen of The Bahamas
  2. Must be 18 years or older, not subject to any legal incapacity.
  3. That he/she has resided in a particular constituency for at least three (3) months
  4. Before registering any applicant, it is the duty of the Revising Officer to satisfy himself/herself that the document(s) being presented, actually belongs to the applicant.

Documentary Proof of Bahamian Citizenship

  1.  A Bahamian Passport:- The principle document that should be presented as proof of Citizenship, OR
  2.  The Old Voters Card:- An applicant who presents and old voter’s card is requested to also produce a valid Bahamian Birth Certificate as proof of citizenship, OR
  3.  The Bahamian Citizenship Certificate or Registration of Naturalization an applicant must also present his/her Birth Certificate.
  4.  The Bahamian Birth Certificate:  Must be presented with a government ID, along with his/her mother’s Bahamian Passport or Voters Card, or mothers Bahamian




Requirements To Register As A Voter

Birth Certificate and government-issued ID.

  1. Before registering an applicant presenting a Bahamian Birth Certificate, the Revising Officer must ascertain that the document(s) belongs to that applicant and he/she has the relevant supporting documents.
  2. An applicant born in The Bahamas after Independence must produce his/her mother’s Bahamian Passport and/or Birth Certificate with gov. issued ID.
  3. The Revising Officer may require an applicant to produce documents if he/she is not satisfied with the applicant’s eligibility to register.



The documents listed below are not proof of Bahamian Citizenship and may only be used as supporting documents:

  1.  A registered Affidavit
  2. Drivers’ License
  3. Baptismal Certificate
  4. National Insurance Card.







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