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St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church Hall

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church Hall

Church of God of Prophecy Hawksbill

Grand Bahama Sub-Office/PRD

Masonic Lodge Hall

Church of Christ Apostolic Church

New Canaan Zion Baptist Church

St. Nicholas Anglican Church Hall (high rock)

2021 General Election Poll Projection Results 
We apologize, the information that you have requested is unavailable at this time. We are currently working towards having this information available as soon as possible. 

Parliamentary Registration Department Notice
Election Agents for:
Daquan Swain (Independent)
Kingsley Smith (PLP)
Lincoln Bain (COI)
Ricardo Grant (FNM)
Terneille Burrows (Independent)

Are advised to report to their assigned polling place in advance of the start of pre-polling process, which begins at 7:30 am.

*Note that the time specified in the Act for the start of the pre-polling process is strictly adhered to. It is each candidate’s responsibility to ensure their agents are in place at the given time. Failure to do so will result in the process beginning without them.