Statement by The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, MP Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

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My Fellow Bahamians,


Good morning!


Earlier today, just a short while ago, the present Parliament was officially dissolved.  Every seat in the House of Assembly is now vacant.  It is now left to you, the citizenry of our beloved nation, to decide who will fill those seats in the next House of Assembly.


In doing so, you will also be deciding who will form the Government of The Bahamas for the next five years.  You will make that momentous decision in what I earnestly hope and pray will be free and fair elections, following a spirited but peaceful campaign.  Let us contest the forthcoming elections with all the vigour at our command.  Let us do so, however, with respect for the human dignity of our opponents, and with respect for the traditions, we all hold dear.


We are one of the oldest democracies in our hemisphere.  Our Parliament traces its history back hundreds of years.


Let us by our conduct in the general election campaign that officially starts today prove ourselves worthy of the great democratic traditions of free, fair and peaceful elections that have made our country the marvel of nations around the world.


I have every confidence that we shall.


And so, my fellow Bahamians, it’s over to you now.  Together you will decide the way forward.  You will do so in General Elections that will take place throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas on Wednesday, the 10th May 2017.


May Almighty God guide you in this great endeavor, and may Almighty God bless our great nation.

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2021 General Election Poll Projection Results 
We apologize, the information that you have requested is unavailable at this time. We are currently working towards having this information available as soon as possible. 

Parliamentary Registration Department Notice
Election Agents for:
Daquan Swain (Independent)
Kingsley Smith (PLP)
Lincoln Bain (COI)
Ricardo Grant (FNM)
Terneille Burrows (Independent)

Are advised to report to their assigned polling place in advance of the start of pre-polling process, which begins at 7:30 am.

*Note that the time specified in the Act for the start of the pre-polling process is strictly adhered to. It is each candidate’s responsibility to ensure their agents are in place at the given time. Failure to do so will result in the process beginning without them.